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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sebastian Cellophanes Review

Hello everyone! It's review time again! =) Today I'm reviewing Sebastian Cellophanes, the color I used is Pearl Blonde. Btw, does anyone spell blonde without the E? To me it doesn't look right... Anyways, Cellophanes are deposit-only, ammonia and peroxide free colors. There are 3 lines to choose from: Blonde, Red, and Brown, with 3 shades in each line, as well as a Clear shade. I bought the Pearl Blonde because I knew I'd be trying out on myself, and my other blonde pals.

The label says: "Cellophanes professional service is a translucent color revitalizer with a protein enriched formula infused with non-oxidative FDA cosmetic dyes and UV-light inhibitors to provide reflective brilliance and gorgeous color. CELLOPHANES PEARL BLONDE is Ammonia-Free and Peroxide-Free, for beautiful color, luxurious gloss, and the look of healthy hair. Level 8-12. For Professional Use Only." I have to say that I do agree with all their claims. I used Cellophanes on a friend of mine who has level 9 hair with level 10 highlights whose hair had gotten pretty brassy, and Cellophanes did an excellent job of getting rid of the brass and left her hair beautifully blonde and extremely shiny! I highly recommend the Pearl Blonde as a platinum toner or as a refresher for pale blondes.

Be warned though, if you are someone who can't use something with an unattractive scent, you might want to stay away from this. It's not the worst smell in the world... It reminds me of how that Elastic Bubblastic Plastic stuff smells. It's a little strong, but the results are worth it!

Sebastian Cellophanes is a professional product, although I've seen it online for around $35 (for 10 oz.) if you really want to have it at home. Any salon that uses Sebastian or Wella should have the service available for you. I highly recommend going between touch-ups to maintain your color's vibrancy and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny! Take care of your hair everyone! <3


Anonymous said...

Blond or Blonde?

I used to think it was "blond hair" and "she is a blonde" Apparently though, as the words blond and blonde come from the French they follow the French pattern. Blond (without the e) is used to describe males. Blonde refers to women.

Blond is sometimes used for female as well as male, but blonde is preferred for female.


I always write Blonde, "blond" just doesn't look right to me. But that's interesting stuff, thanks for the info! :)

Anonymous said...

I was interested in buying this but was afraid upon reading the directions. I don't have a heat cap or stain guard! How necessary is it to have heat applied?


It takes better with heat, and lasts longer, but you could try using a blowdryer or sitting out in the sun. But if you're not using any heat, just try leaving it on longer.

As for the cap and stain guard, you can get a pack of plastic caps at your local beauty supply store (try Sally's) for like, under a dollar. Stain guard is cheap too, but you could also try using vaseline or lotion.

Anonymous said...

I just used this product in pearl blonde. I am bleach blonde and I was using it in hopes to make my hair shinier. Well it turned my hair blue!! I shampooed it, rinsed, was I supposed to leave the shampoo in? Or rinse? The bottle doesn't say. I applied it with a brush, sat under the dryer with a cap for 15 minutes, and washed it. Now it is splotchy blue. Ugh :(

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to find one picture of someone wearing pearl blonde online.

Andrea said...

Do you think that if using clear cellophane treatment that you really need to be under dryer for 15-20 min? It seems like the heat is mostly setting color.