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Saturday, May 2, 2009

First post! =D

YAY! I'm SO excited to start sharing my knowledge with you all out there! Hopefully I'll gain some subscribers pretty soon and then the fun will really begin! =) Now, let me inform you on what you'll be seeing in this blog.

You will see:

+Product Reviews: I'll be reviewing assortment of hair products, including but not limited to hair color, hair lighteners, styling products, and hair tools/accessories. I will try to be as fair as I can, and I will always tell it like it is. I'll tell you what the product claims to do, what's actually in the product, and what it actually does. However, even if a product is not very good I will always try to find something nice to say about it.

+The science of Beauty: What all those difficult words you see on products really mean, and the effects they have on your hair. Do you have a question about a certain ingredient or even a specific product that you'd like to have more information about? Please ask me and I will try and find out everything I can that will help you! =)

+Debunking Stylist Myths: There's nothing that irritates me more than when a stylist uses false claims and intimidation to get you to buy (or not buy) certain products. Don't ever let yourself be talked into doing or buying something you don't want to, just because that's what your stylist says you "need."

+Hauls: Whenever I go shopping for new products, I'll let you guys know what products I get, where I got them, when I plan to review them, and pictures! Just letting you all know now, I'm a HUGE TIGI junkie so a lot of the products I buy will probably be by them (P.S. I can't wait to try their new Love Peace & The Planet line!).

+My life: Not that my life is so interesting that I feel the need to inform the world, but I'll keep you up to date if anything of importance happens.

Soooo yeah! Be on the lookout for my first haul and product review! Take care everyone!! =D


Bird* said...

cute blog :) you might like my blog as well. http://clashbabi.blogspot.com

I do have some beauty reviews/hair files...