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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey guys! So I thought I'd share my latest hair product purchases with you all, and the reviews are coming very soon because I cannot wait to try all my new stuff! =D So yeah, I went to CosmoProf and the first thing I got was the new Vero K-Pak Creme Lightener that just came out so I'm super excited to try it. I've also been meaning to try L'oreal's White Violet color depositing shampoo and conditioner so I got those too.

I also got some TIGI products of course. ;-) I got two TIGI Radiant Gloss colors: 0/07 Perfect Oyster (a very light smoky ash color) and 5/6 Indian Red (a gorgeous reddish/copper/brown color that I'll be highlighting my moms hair with). I also picked up Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray, Bed Head Cocky Thickening Paste, and S-Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray to add to my collection of TIGI products, LOL! The last things I got were Sebastian Cellophanes in Pearl Blonde (Review for this coming very soon!) and Halo High Gloss Rinse which I've been dying to try! =D Expect a review for that soon as well. So that's all from Cosmoprof.

Oh and I did stop at Sally Beauty Supply because my grandma wanted a curling iron that had a smaller handle than most of the ones you usually see and CosmoProf didn't have any she liked so I suggested Sally's. It was a good thing I went too, because my Sally's card had expired and I needed to renew it! While I was there, I picked up Shiny Silver Ultra Color Enhancing Conditioner which I heard works the best out of all the violet shampoo/conditioners out there, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'll probably be reviewing it the next time I touch-up my outgrowth or on some of my fellow platinum blonde enthusiasts, so look for it in a week or two. Aaaand that is all for now, tomorrow... or later today rather =P I'll be posting a review on S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer, which is like my new must have product! Soooo yeah, take care of your hair everyone! =D


Anonymous said...

hey! I love the creme lightener. did you use it yet? It just has the most perfect consistency ever!

Looking forward to your blog. CHeck mine out too. We can be buddies =)


I know right! I've touched up my blonde with it and it's greattt! lifts fast and no harsh smell either. =) We will definitely be blog buddies! <3