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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey everybody! It's HAUL time! You guys don't even know how bad I needed to do some retail therapy. After ping-ponging back and forth with my dumb school about getting my license CONSTANTLY and being stuck at home all the time, I've been going stir crazy!!! But it's almost over, and this bit of shopping helped a bit. What I'm actually BEYOND excited about is America's Beauty Show in March! Are any of you going?! I think I'm just going the last day (when all the best sales are), it runs from the 27th - 29th of March. Those of you who follow me on twitter, I will DEFINITELY be tweeting/taking pics live from the show, so you can get a glimpse of all the action! I'll for sure post any + all the pics I take when I post my ABS HAUL. Those who are going, are you going for any specific reason? Shears? Product? Education? Because it's awesome? Hahaha, I'm going for ALL those reasons!

Anyway, moving on before I hyperventilate - here's all the stuff I got (btw there are some last minute pics thrown in because I forgot to include some stuff when I first took the pics after I got home... oops!).

Starting from the top left: Pearatin Fortifying Reparative Serum, Marrakesh Oil, Schwartzkopf OSiS Sherbet Wax Spray, Box of 12 S-Factor Color Savvy EMT, Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff , Bed Head Headbanger Spray Wax x 2, Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Leave-In Hairtip Serum, S-Factor Dream Drops. Bottom row from left to right: Short Sexy Hair Blow It Up Gel Foam, Silky Sexy Hair Gift Set (details/pics below), S-Factor Diamond Dreams Duo, Sebastian Texture Tandem 1, Joico K-PAK Reconstruct, Matrix Vavoom Design Pulse Kit (details/pic below).

The products in italics are repurchases, in case you wanna know what products I always like to have. I've had my eye on the Pearatin Serum for a while now, because not only is it a serum for hair, it's also a catalyst to mix in with hair color! I've tried using it that way once already and I like the results, but more testing is needed for me to write a review on it. Sit tight!

The Marrakesh oil is nice... except the scent. It's not bad, but it kinda smells like smoke + cookies. Is that Marrakesh I'm smelling? Idk.. but it works. The Schwartzkopf spray wax is nice, and smells really good! Like... a boy! I'm not used to using such masculine smelling products haha, it's a nice change. The whole OSiS line from Schwartzkopf is full of interesting products, check them out.

Headbanger! This is one of the best spray waxes ever! I couldn't believe I was able to get ahold of two of these, because they've been discontinued. And since it has been discontinued, I won't be reviewing it, I just feel like it wouldn't be fair to say "Yeah, this product is awesome! But you can't get it anywhere. Sorry!" Yeah, don't you think? BUT I will say, if you like spray wax and you see a bottle of this somewhere (like a cosmetic outlet store or something), GRAB IT!! If you don't love it I'll be shocked.

Sigh. It's so unfortunate when any company discontinues a great product, ya know? I feel like maybe TIGI stopped making it because of their "Rockaholic" line. I wish they'd just repackage it into Rockaholic or something, because it really is awesome. And it smells just like Superstar Blowdry Lotion, which I love!

The Goldwell serum is pretty new, and even though my last Goldwell experience wasn't too great, I wanted to try this. You know I gotta try and debunk anything that says it'll "repair" hair. And the Short Sexy Hair gel foam just sounded interesting, so I got it on a whim. Gel foam? Hmm...

I love Diamond Dreams! I love it so much I even turned my mom onto it, that's why she bought these tweens for herself! Included is the shampoo, conditioner in tween size. They call it a "tween" because it's inbetween a normal size and a liter. The tweens are 25.36 oz, and came with a free Balance Booster!

I've never actually used Vavoom products before, but their Design Pulse line looked so cool, I had to try it! The kit included Vavoom Shape Maker Extra Hold Shaping Spray, Design Pulse Glow to Pieces Shine Wax, Messy Couture Molding Paste, and a pretty nice feather razor. I'm really excited to test these products out! Reviews for these coming soon. ;]

As for the box of S-Factor EMT's, yeah.. I'm in love. These are the BEST protein shots everrrr. I always use them after I color someone's hair and omg they work so well. The one's I got are Color Savvy... I tried the Health Factor ones and didn't really like them - I think they're more for hair that's super damaged.As for the box of S-Factor EMT's, yeah.. I'm in love. These are the BEST protein shots everrrr. I always use them after I color someone's hair and omg they work so well. The one's I got are Color Savvy... I tried the Health Factor ones and didn't really like them - I think they're more for hair that's super damaged.

The two products in the left pic are from the Silky Sexy Hair set. They are: Silky Sexy Hair Frizz Elminator LITE and Silky Sexy Hair Conditioning Styler LITE. I'm not too familiar with Silky Sexy Hair, so I assume there are normal versions of these two products since they're named "LITE" but I didn't see them. These two products are for fine/normal hair - and since I know how hard and frustrating it is for people with fine hair to find products they like, I wanted to try these out + review them! Oh, and I forgot to include I also got the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. I'm not gonna lie... I totally got this because it has a spray bottle, cos I LOVE when hair products come in a spray bottle instead of the usual little spritzer. No annoying little caps to lose for this product!

So I'm pretty sure I covered everything. Thoughts? Questions? Comment! I love them you know. Stay tuned for more reviews, and for my post on ABS. I also MIGHT be having a giveaway soon too... so look out for that. ;] Take care of your hair everyone! MUAH!


beautifullyrandom said...

I recently got the S-factor tween duo, the Health Factor one. and I dont like it! I feel like my hair does not get clean! & I really dont like the scent either. Do you have any problems with the hair not feeling clean with the Diamond Dreams one? I have never tried that one.

If you like that bedhead spray wax, have you ever tried the one from Paul Mitchell? just wondering!


Not at all! I LOVE Diamond Dreams! I think Health Factor is for like, REALLY damaged hair that needs gentle care. I've also tried the Health Factor EMT's and I really prefer the Color Savvy ones. Plus Diamond Dreams has the most seductively intoxicating scent ever. I read on some website that it's blackberry lychee - but whatever it is, it's DELISH! Take back Health Factor and swap it for Diamond Dreams. I'll be STUNNED if you don't love it!

And about the spray wax, I haven't tried the Paul Mitchell one! Is it aerosol or pump? Because I prefer aerosol ones (like Headbanger). I just think they work better.

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