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Friday, February 5, 2010

You may have noticed...

So, you may have noticed that I put this little widget for my formspring.me account in the sidebar of my blog. It's neat, right? You really can ask me anything you want. Whether it's a hair question, or you just wanna know something about me! A lot of you have asked me some great questions already, and I thank you for them! I think something like this a great way for bloggers to get in touch with their fans, aside from just answering comments and such. However, I do want to clear a few things up for those who don't know how formspring works:
  • I answer pretty much every question, there's only been a couple that I've had to delete. I'm pretty open, so as long as your question isn't like, horribly offensive or rude, I'll answer it.
  • The answers don't get posted here - they're all on my formspring profile, so if you wanna see if I answered your question, you have to go there! Here's the link: http://www.formspring.me/HEARTSTARBOLT
  • If you're going to ask me a hair question, BE SPECIFIC! Help me to help you, k? I'm pretty much answering blindly, because I can't actually see your hair, or see what the problem is - but I try my absolute best!
  • If you wanna ask me about a certain product, please search my blog first to see if I've reviewed it. If I haven't, I'll look it up if I don't own it already + I'll try and answer you.
  • In addition, please be specific about the product you want to know about, and try to ask a bit nicely. When I see things like "cost of tigi hairspray" it really makes me NOT want to answer. First because you're asking me like I'm a machine, and second because you're not being at all specific about what you want. There's a LOTTT of hair products out there, so I need some details! LOL!
  • And also, I don't wanna sound rude, but please don't ask me where to buy something, or how much something costs - that's what Google is for!
  • Tip: Try not to ask me what the "best" product is, because everyone's opinion of what the "best" is will be different. You could hate the products I love, so me telling you what the "best" is would be like... lying. And I'd rather not lie to my followers.
That's all! I know I've been kinda quiet lately, but I'm planning some good stuff, so sit tight, take care of your hair, and ask away! =)