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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Which Gwen is your favorite?

Hey everyone! I went to see No Doubt last night and they were SPECTACULAR! Seriously, words can't describe how amazing they were! I went to both Gwen's Harajuku Lovers tour, and The Sweet Escape but I never got to see No Doubt in concert! My throat hurts from singing/screaming all night LOL! And I loved the fact that they were all blonde. It made me think of how many times Gwen has reinvented herself, and I wanna know which one was your favorite?! My favorite is The Sweet Escape Gwen: The clothes she wore, the heavy smokey eyes, I don't know it just appealed to me. :D Gosh there are so many! But here are the most memorable ones, imho:


Vivacious, Viable, Vegan said...

Third one down on the left

G. said...

I heart Gwen every which way, except for that brief period when she rocked the no-eyebrow look. Blech.