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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hey guys! Well as you guys can see, it's haul time! There's just been so many new products coming out lately, I definitely needed to do a little retail therapy. To be honest, most of the shopping I do is just checking out (and smelling) the new products in person, and if any of them look like something I would personally use, then I get them. There are a few re-purchases thrown in there, but most of it is new.

Starting at the top left is six TIGI Radiant Gloss hair colours. CosmoProf has a deal going on this month where you buy six shades of TIGI hair colour (pick between Colour Creative, Radiant Gloss, or Ultra Lift) and get a tub of TIGI True Light lightener (not pictured) for free. Awesome, right? If you're curious, the shades I bought are: Mix Master 0/22 Violet, 0/02 Perfect Pearl, 0/07 Perfect Oyster, 0/27 Orchid Mist, 00/ Clear, and 5/6 Indian Red (for my mom's hair).

Next we have Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo, one of my favorite violet shampoos ever! It's fantastic at toning down the brass in blonde/grey/silver hair. I bought the biggest size, 31.5 oz.... I really don't get why they couldn't just add a couple more ounces to make it a real liter, but whatever.

The next two I've been dying waiting for them to come out! The new Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes shampoo and conditioners! There are three different sets for different hair types, categorized into "levels." The two tweens are Level 3: Resurrection, for "weak, brittle hair that needs an intervention." Totally me. Even my mom tried it, but it kind of made her hair a little "too soft" if that makes sense. I suggested she go down to Level 2: Recovery, for "dry, damaged tresses that need a moisture hit." So far, she loves it. Reviews are coming soon.

The big, white, honey pot looking thing is the large size (750 ml) S-Factor Serious Conditioner. When I got the smaller size before, I absolutely loved it and I knew I HAD to have the big size. I've even tweeted about how much I love it, lol! It also smells amazing, kinda fruity and minty at the same time. Very refreshing.

Now on the bottom left are two re-purchases: Aquage Seaextend Silkening Oil Treatment and KMS Makeover Spray, both of which I've reviewed. The next item is actually not a hair product, it's called Skin Smoothie by Fake Bake. It's supposed to smooth out dry areas on your skin to make your self tanners apply better. It was on clearance, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Next is, big surprise, a GVP product! My girl Recessionista would be so proud, lol! It's the GVP version of Paul Mitchell Wax Works. Not only is this my first GVP product, but it's also my first Paul Mitchell product. I don't know why, but I'm never drawn to their products. Anyway, the blue box you see next to the GVP is Rusk Deepshine Oil, a product I've been dying to get my hands on! It's the latest in the "hair oil" trend, containing argan oil and all that - but thankfully it doesn't smell like a greenhouse like the rest of the Deepshine products. Not that it's a horrible scent, it's just not that appealing to me. I've only used it a couple times, so after I've used it for a while then I'll do a review.

The two little bottles on the bottom right with the pink labels are 7th Stage creme hair lightener with a bunch of activator packets. I use it when I lighten someone's hair, and to touch up my own outgrowth. It's so gentle, but so effective at the same time. No matter how dark your hair is, 7th Stage can make your hair the palest blonde while leaving it in great condition. I also got two paddle brushes, one with boar bristles and a normal one. The middle brush is a Monroe round brush, but the barrel is actually an oval shape instead of round like usual. Then right next to them are a chamois buffer and buffing creme - because I like my nails to be shiny without having to put polish on them, and it's something to do when I'm bored. Also, do you like the new tote I got from CosmoProf? It was only a dollar, I had to have it! :-P

That's all for this haul, but I gotta tell you, this was some much needed retail therapy. I could've easily spent a lot more, but I restrained myself... for now. ;-)

Take care of your hair, and have a good weekend!


Unknown said...

I love cosmo prof. Do you love the tigi color? I have used the lightner but never the color. Nice haul!