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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aquage Seaextend Silkening Oil Treatment Review

Hey everyone! Guess what? I passed my state boards! Man that test was so easy, I finished it in like 20 minutes. All that waiting and anxiety, it was almost anti-climactic! But anyway, today I'm reviewing an awesome product from Aquage's Seaextend line, their Silkening Oil Treatment. Now, if you're obsessed with hair products like I am, you've probably noticed that a lot of companies are jumping on the hair oil bandwagon. It's like once Moroccanoil came out, everyone else had their own "version" of it with each brand somehow improving upon it or putting their own spin on it (yet using similar ingredients). I've tried a bunch of them, and even reviewed a few (Joico K-PAK Restorative Oil and Marrakesh Oil) and while they all have similar ingredients, they are all totally different.

Now, I've never tried Aquage before... I don't know why but it just never appealed to me. But when they came out with this Silkening Oil Treatment, my curiosity got the best of me. So I've been using it for a few weeks now and I really think that it is one of the best of its kind. For an oil-type product, it's very light and it leaves no residue in my hair or my hands. It also conditions well and even protects against heat. Even my hands feel nice and soft when I'm done, I don't need to wipe them off or wash them. Two-in-one! Love it.

It's a simple product, with simple ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Isohexadecane, Argan Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Blue Seakale Extract, Sea Fennel Extract, Sea Beet Extract, Seaweed, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Fragrance.
I'm not really gonna de-fluff this product, because I'm not an expert on marine plants and such, and I don't know what effects any of these ingredients may or may not have on this product. They must be doing something right though, because this stuff works great! However, I can tell you that cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone that's great at dispersing other, heavier silicones and it doesn't leave a coated, sticky feeling on your hair. Dimethiconol, which comes from sand, is another lightweight lubricant that conditions and adds shine. Isohexadecane is an emollient/emulsifier used to mix everything together, and keep it that way. Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss, and it also works to thin out thicker products. I talked a bit about Argan Oil in my K-PAK review I linked above, but basically it's this oil that's rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, and it's great for your hair and skin. Almost every hair oil out there has argan oil in it. As for the rest, I'm not sure if it's fluff or not. If you know anything about any of them, feel free to comment and let me know!

Now as for who I'd recommend this to, I can honestly say that I believe people with any kind of hair can benefit from this product. It's light enough so that even people with baby-fine hair can have great luck with it, but strong enough to smooth the thickest, coarsest hair. It's also great for color-treated hair, and for hair that's had keratin smoothing done. The only real downside to this product is that the price is kind of steep for a hair product. Though, from a logical view, I look at other products of its kind, how little you actually use, plus the fact that Aquage is a premium brand, and the price kinda makes sense. But that's just me.

Aquage Seaextend Silkening Oil Treatment comes in a 4.5 oz / 133 ml bottle, and retails for around $28. There's also a 1.7 oz travel size that retails for around $17. Like I've said before, don't let these numbers scare you, they're just a generalization. I'm sure you can get them for less than that if you look hard enough, or have a friend that's a stylist. Wanna be my friend? ;)

There's always more to come, so keep reading + take care of your hair!