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Friday, June 19, 2009

You tell me

Lately I've been having some bloggers block, so I'm sorry that I haven't posted more. : \ But I'm curious, what do you wanna see? I'm gonna do a post on blowdrying, and one on the different types of home haircoloring & why you should avoid them, but you tell me what you want to see! Really, I'd love to hear it. =) Comment and let's talk about it. I love you all!


The Fashionable Housewife said...

Maybe do a post about curly hair... Best products, how to style, or something like that.

My hair is wavy and I've been scrunching it and using a diffuser to encourage curl and it hasn't worked the last 3 times I've done it... Today it went limp in like an hour...

I haven't gotten my hands on the Catwalk curl products you suggested to me before, but I have been using the Sexy Curly Hair shampoo and conditioner and like it so far.

We need to do a link exchange and maybe a post exchange too... ;-)


Girlll you needa perm! LOL =P

But I can imagine how difficult it is to find the right products for your hair. Curls are so picky and temperamental, it's like they're alive! I wish I could give you, and every other curly-haired gal some miracle product that'll make all your dreams come true... but it'll never happen. Every curly haired person has different needs. Sucks right? Unfortunately you'll just have to keep hunting.

But I will start reviewing more curly hair products. I just need money to go get them lol.

Btw, what's a link/post exchange? Sounds exciting. :D

G. said...

I would love to see more posts about curly hair too! What I desperately need is some info about good cuts for curly/wavy hair. As you know, I can't find a decent stylist in SD to give me a modern, layered look--it's hard to tell them what I want or what they should do. I need hair stylist lingo, honey. And fast! :) Oh and good websites to go to for looks would be GREAT!


Recessionista - Click on my mopshots badge. There's tons of great styles and you might even find a salon near you!

Jen Mathews said...

Always lovin' cruelty-free product reviews!