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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bed Head Hook-up Mousse Wax Review

Hello hello! Today I'm reviewing three different products, the first is Bed Head's Hook-up Mousse Wax. Personally, I love this stuff! The consistency is great, it's not heavy, and it can be used in wet or dry hair. Here's what the label says: "Get the hook-up and rock your hair! Way out texture, hardcore style. Use in wet or dry hair. Shape and reshape. Shake well before use. A little goes a long way. You must have a sense of humor to use our products." Curly haired girls, I suggest you give this stuff a shot! It provides texture, separation, shine, and smells awesome! Kind of like cherries.

The main ingredients are: Water, Petrolatum, Isobutane, Polymide-1, and Cetearyl Alcohol. Petrolatum is an emollient that is derived from petroleum, and acts as a lubricant on hair and skin. It's what gives Hook-up its creamy texture. Isobutane is a naturally occuring gas. In cosmetics it's used as a propellant which is how aerosol hairsprays and mousses come out of their cans. Other propellants are butane, hydrofluorocarbon, and propane. Look at your hairspray and mousse cans and look to see if any of these are on there! =P Polymide-1 is a film former, and gives the hold in Hook-up. Cetearyl Alcohol is an emulsifying wax made from a mix of different fatty alcohols. Usually they are made from cetyl and stearyl alcohol, which together form a film that keeps moisture from evaporating. Cetearyl Alcohol gives hair and skin a luxurious, velvety feeling. Not a bad mix if I do say so myself.

However, there is something annoying about Hook-up. Sometimes the product is really hard to get out of the can, and you have to push hard to get it to come out... but to me it's worth it.

Bed Head Hook-up Mousse Wax comes in a 5 oz. /150 ml can, and retails for around $14-$16. If you've used this, comment and tell me about it. Take care of your hair, and spread the word about my blog! ♥


Anonymous said...

Hi, have you found any similar products now that this has been discontinued?

Anonymous said...

Still available on amazon.com

Anonymous said...

The product is not coming out of the can. Please tell me what to do.



I don't know. It's happened to me too..I found it eventually came out if I pressed hard enough. Maybe shake the can and point it downward? Or run the can under some hot water? I wish I could be of more help. Good luck!