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Monday, May 16, 2011

CHI Orbit Double Dramatics Review

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long... a lot's happened. As you might know, I'm constantly on the lookout for a job in a salon...doing hair in my kitchen isn't as lucrative as I'd like it to be. And.. it's hard to write about my love for the hair industry and review all these products while being unemployed, you know? I'll try to be more frequent with my updates, for real this time.

Anyway, today I'm reviewing the CHI Orbit Double Dramatics curling iron. It's basically a clipless waving iron. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for a good waving iron that gives true "S" waves instead of the usual shallow crimpy waves most waving irons give. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. While the waves the iron made weren't quite as sharp as other wavers I've tried, it's still not the effect I was looking for. It reminds me of the way Madonna or Britney Spears wears their hair in those tight waves, you know? I think if the rods were spaced farther apart and were a bit thicker in diameter it would've been perfect, but oh well. I'll be returning it this weekend. But, just for fun, I waved one of my mannequin heads to show you all the effect it gives. This iron might not be what I'm looking for, but it might be for you!

See what I mean? I mean it's cute and all, but the waves aren't as deep as I want. But what do you think? If that's the effect you want, I say go for it! The iron itself takes a little getting used to because it doesn't have a clamp, but you get it after a while. Also, the red part between the iron and the switch gets VERY hot, so be careful.

The MSRP of the iron is $205.00, but I've never seen it anywhere that high. I'd guess it's somewhere around $150.00 but shop around and I'm sure you'll get a better price than that. Well that's all for now. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and it came with this cool thermal glove. I think it belonged to Michael Jackson.

On a completely unrelated note, go out and pick up this month's issue of ELLE magazine. Gwen Stefani, my queen, is on the cover!