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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


**Warning: Kinda Pic-Heavy**

Hey all! I feel SO guilty for not posting more this month!! November has just been hectic with trying to finish school, working, personal stuff, AND I had oral surgery on the 19th! I had all my wisdom teeth removed so I haven't been in the blogging mood, haha. Butttt I do hope to get back in the swing of things here on The ART and SCIENCE of [beauty] starting with the huge HAUL I've been talking about for like almost 3 months! LOL! I've slowly built up this haul btw, I didn't go out and just buy it all at once haha. When I go shopping, I only get like a few things at a time, so that's why it takes me so long to even post a normal haul. Ughh you guys don't know how bad I've wanted to share all these products with you, but I wanted to wait until I had a lottt of stuff to show!

Now I know there's a lot of stuff in these pics.. but it's not everything! =O LOL! I accidentally left some of them at work, so when I bring them back I'll take more pics and add them on. Anddd the pics kinda suck cos I had to use my phone, and I tried to fix them... but whatever. They're pretty clear. BUT--what do you guys think of the stuff I do have? Anything you'd like me to review first? Or anything you already have and love/hate/like/dislike? COMMENT!!! I love reading all of your comments! They make me smile, and encourage me to post more often. ♥

First is the ghd Urban Angel Set I got as an early birthday present! My birthday's on the 29th (5 days!). Next is the free carrying case that you get when you spend $25+ which was not hard at all! Next are the two products that came with: ghd thermal protector for normal-to-fine hair and ghd miracle mist daily conditioning spray.

Here's the inside of the pouch, it has three compartments: one for your ghd styler and two for styling aids. The third pic is the brush that came with, and a lovely little hair that I didn't even see until I was editing these pics... I'm bad at cleaning my brushes when I'm not at work LOL!

And my lovely ghd IV styler. *sigh *I am in love with this thing. :D

And here's (mostly) everything else! It's a lot right? I don't know where I'm gonna put all this! Yet I keep buying more! AHHH! Ok, anyways.... here's some more detailed pics.

I actually got a lot of Rusk stuff! Here's a Pro Elements by Rusk Keratin Smoothing System gift set I bought. It includes Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Smoothing Treatment, and a mini flat iron, which I love to use on myself!
Here's a Rusk Deepshine set that's missing one product (one of the ones I left at work). It came in a lovely box, but without the whole set I thought it would look weird so I took them out. The set includes Sea Kelp Creme Shampoo and Conditioner, Phyto-Marine Lusterizer, and Sea Kelp Anti-Frizz Serum (not shown). The next pic is a Rusk Being duo that kinda got a lil roughed up while I was taking it home haha. It includes Being Wild Paste and Being Smooth Cream. I've tried Being Smooth and I like it! Plus I love products in bright colored packaging!

You know I had to get some Redken too! I bought Spray Starch 15, Real Control Thermal Resist, Color Extend Total Recharge, and Extreme Anti-Snap. Spray Starch 15 is for curling/flat-ironing and works great! Total Recharge is like a mini deep conditioner, Thermal Resist is a good leave-in for heat damaged hair, and I lovelovelove Anti-Snap! Review coming very soon!

And of course ya'll know how much I LOVE TIGI! And I was so excited when the new Catwalk "Your Highness" collection and the two new S-Factor products came out! I wanna eventually try the whole Your Highness line, but I had to get the Thickening Gel Creme first. I've heard great things about it, and it smells incredible! ALMOST as good as the Biggie Headrush I got! You guys, Headrush is my favorite TIGI product bar none. I've gone through at least 3 cans of it.. so I almost fainted when I saw they were making a Biggie size! Everyone I've ever used it on LOVES it and bought a can of their own. Next I got the two brand new S-Factor products: Wonderful Tonight and Spun Satin. Wonderful Tonight is an overnight leave in treatment for dry, damaged hair. I hope it's amazing, because it's expensive! Spun Satin is also kind of a luxury... but for me it's a necessary luxury. :) It's a styling souffle that's perfect for wavy hair, or any hair really! ;-)

And then a bunch of other random stuff I don't need but had to have. Top left pic is the limited edition 10 oz. bottle of It's a 10 Mirace Leave-In Product and Scruples Direct Volume Spray Foam (that I won from The Fashionable Gal!). Top right pic is KMS Hairplay Dry Wax and Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Delicate Care Organic Certified Oil. Bottom left is a close up of the KMS Dry Wax, then a liter of ColorMeSexy Violet Mood Color Depositing Shampoo (hey, I won't be brunette forever! Plus it smells sexual). Last pic is just some samples of Vitale Pro Shining Gloss, Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment, L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Deep Treatment & Fortifying Conditioner.

It's most of it though, so don't worry. =P

I hope I didn't bore you with alllll these products! And again, sorry for not posting more this month!!! I promise I'll be better next month. ;-) Don't forget to leave a comment before you leave! And take care of your hair! XO


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